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Uganda – Sponsoring a child

Note:- This is a post that was on an old blog that is now offline. I went looking for the images and realised I had not transferred them. Continuing our visit Plan Internationals projects, we visited a sponsored child. The child in question was sponsored by Merv is called Joan and is approximately 12 years of age. The Plan office is in Kamuli about 60Km east of the capital Kampala and Joan’s village is about 20 minutes away. We stopped on the way and bought some goods for the family – simple items like cooking oil, biscuits, soap, rice and orange juice. What I did not expect was the families reaction to what to us was some very simple and cheap gifts. They were incredibly grateful and insisted on giving us a whole range of foodstuffs back ( see the image below). It was quite a collection: an enormous Jackfruit, a bundle of sugar cane even a chicken! Obviously, we might have had a few problems bringing that lot on a flight back to Ireland so we gave them as a gift to Joan. Oh, watch for the image with Joans report card – “Could do better” is a pretty good summary. 

For more information on the excellent work by Plan International, see their website