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Traditional Irish shops

This mini-project started about two years ago when I walked into a shop that I used to visit as a child in the early 1970’s. To my amazement, it had not changed one bit in the intervening 40 odd years, including the lady who worked in the shop. I grabbed my camera and took a few images. Anyway, it stated me on a path to find similar shops around the country and the collection is growing – very slowly. This shops are disappearing forever and there are very few left! From a combined Pub & shop in Athy to a little  hardware shop in Macroom with a tame Robin, and a “general store” in Roscommon selling carbolic soap, the shops, the people and their stories are  what make me want to look for more of these before they disappear. If  anyone knows of similar traditional shops still in operation, I would really appreciate a heads up.