Photography, Photoshop

Adding borders

I’m not a big fan of overly dramatic or fancy borders on images and apart for on-line display, I don’t really get into drop shadows, digital mattes or film border decorations. However, most images will benefit from a simple border and typically, I use 3 types of borders ( well 2 really, but the 3rd one is used an odd time). The most common border I use is a simple 5 or 5 pixel wide black keyline. This is a nice simple border and holds the image together. The next border I use is a heavy black border with a white keyline. This is especially useful for dark images and can enhance the overall image. The last border is the one I use the least – a simple white keyline border. The link below is to a download for the action to create these borders. Feel free to modify and distribute these as you see fit. If you want me to modify them, let me know.