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A return to Vietnam, Part 1 – Saigon

I’be been a bit remiss in getting some images from our second trip to Vietnam.  We arrived this June in Saigon , accompanied by Mark & Rosemary Sedgwick. (have a look at Mark’s website – Anyway, Saigon!  A city of around 14 million people and most of them on motorbikes and no traffic lights. It makes crossing the road very difficult. So, the highlights,

  • The War remnants museum – formerly called the  something like the US War crimes museum. A must see for any visitor to Vietnam. It certainly pulls no punches and is a pretty in-your-face indictment of war. Agent Orange is still affecting peoples lives and the young man in the orange tee-shirt is such a victim
  • Palace of Reunification – Interesting but, if you’re stuck for time in Saigon, juts keep going.
  • Chinese Market – A mad place  teeming with people, narrow corridors and stuff for sale from floor to ceiling.  Certain people with us could not resist a bargain or two!
So, finally, so images from Saigon