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A return to Vietnam – Mekong delta

After Saigon, we headed down into the Mekong delta. So its on a bus and off we went – its amazing that small things that make a difference, like  air conditioning on the bus. On first stop  was at a temple to the laughing Buddha and  we arrived just in time for prayers. Our next stop was on to the river and a trip on the Mekong itself. We stopped off to visit a small family business making coconut candy. A real family business, from the grand parents to small childern – all  pitched in to help at various stages The next part of the journey was in a rowing boat ( the poor guy in the blue boat below).  I felt really sorry for this guy with 4 heavy westerners  in his boat (some heavier than others)  and against the tide too. There was a lot of grunting and groaning either from effort or maybe just to enhance the tip! Some of the highlights of this part of the trip – Hungs home-stay, down near Can to – magic place to stay right on the river. We have the most amazing fish (elephant ear ) and spring rolls here – Life on the river and how people make a living , a privilege to watch people daily lives on this most river. – As everywhere across Vietnam- the kids were amazing Anyway – here a pictorial view our few days in the delta