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Traditional Irish shops

This mini-project started about two years ago when I walked into a shop that I used to visit as a child in the early 1970’s. To my amazement, it had not changed one bit in […]

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Clare in spring

I’m just catching up on some images I captured in April on a weekend in Doolin. We were very lucky with the weather and given the time of year, the burren was in full bloom. […]

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Big Increase in Population of Mountain Gorillas

This is a really positive story from Africa. One of our closest relations, the mountain gorillas have been under serious threat due to habitat loss, war and the market for so called bush meat. I […]

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Inside Burma’s illegal trade in tigers

This is yet another series of images from the Guardian and a good follow-up to the St. Petersburg Tiger summit. The core of the problem is how you deal with local poverty and official corruption […]

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Tiger Summit

This is largely a press release by the WWF on the lengthly Tiger summit that has just finished. This is probably the poor tigers last hope for survival. The good news is that all 13 […]

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Africa’s bloody war to save its rhino

This is a great series of 17 images from the guardian that highlight the ongoing battle to save the Rhino in South Africa. The sad thing in this battle is that the threat to the […]

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Garden birds

This is a very nice group of images of garden birds along with their songs. Just move over the thumbnails to get a full size image and a sample of their song. I particularly like […]

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A Light in the Forest | Conservation Magazine

This is a very interesting article on a company in the US that havs figured out a way to generate electricity directly from trees.  The technique takes advantage of an acidity difference between the trees […]

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The home project on iPhone

For anyone wishing to follow the details of the home project by Yann Arthus Bertrand -there is now a free iPhone app to do just that. Just search the app store for home project and […]

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Are we getting it wrong?

Are we getting it wrong? Almost everything I read today focuses on climate change and global warming and our efforts to control our nett carbon output. But…. I think our focus is in the wrong […]

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